Capacity Building 

Capacity Building Supports are designed to help build your skills and independence in your daily life.  The funds are used to support goals that specifically build on your long-term independence. For example, Capacity building supports will provide you with the knowledge, skills and education to prepare healthy meals yourself rather than having meals delivered on a weekly basis, which is covered under Core Supports.   

There are a number of Capacity Building areas that City to Country Care would be happy to support you with. 

  • Support Coordination is a fixed amount of funding that can be used to engage a Support Coordinator who can help you connect with and implement your plan.
  • Improved Living Arrangements help you find and maintain appropriate accommodation for your needs.
  • Increased Social and Community Participation helps you with the development and training of life skills to encourage your participation in your community and in social and recreational activities.
  • Finding and Keeping a Job helps you find and maintain employment. This funding can be used for employment related support, training, and assessments. 
  • Improved Relationships help you develop positive behavioral strategies to improve your interactions with people in your life and community.
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing help you manage the impact of your disability through exercise and diet advice. It’s important to know that gym memberships are not included in your funding.
  • Improved Learning provides training and advice to help you move from school into higher education, like university or TAFE.
  • Improved Choices helps you manage your plan funding with the help of a Plan Manager.
  • Improved Daily Living helps to build your capacity to engage within your community or to be more independent at home by providing assessment, training, or therapy to help increase your skills.