In-Home Supports

City to Country Care’s In-home support service assists people with disabilities to live independently at home and in their community.   We also provide drop-in supports to people who live independently at home.  Our support staff will work with you to develop a plan of supports that is tailored to your needs. Your plan will be reviewed regularly to make sure it is meeting any changing needs that can occur.  This includes everything from helping people understand the disability care system to connecting you with services so you can live independently in your own home and will not be at risk of inappropriate placement in a 24-hour care facility. 

City to Country Care provides the following in-home and drop-in supports:

  • Assistance with personal care routines such as showering, dressing and toileting
  • Assistance with household tasks such as shopping, preparing meals, washing clothes and cleaning
  • Shopping
  • Making and attending appointments
  • Laundry, gardening and other household tasks
  • Taking prescribed medications
  • Recreation, leisure and community access
  • Decision-making and choice
  • Liaising with other support services and community networks
  • Maintaining friendships and social networks
  • Accessing cultural and spiritual activities
  • Travel and Transport to and from wherever it may be needed or desired, whether it be for appointments or pleasure.
  • Development: Life Skills (building your confidence and enabling you to live independently by developing a plan that gives you the training you would need to achieve your goals). For example, educating on personal hygiene, maintaining a clean environment at home, organisational skills etc.