Day Program & Group Activities

Group activities are a great way to build friendships with peers of similar age and interests. Our groups aim to increase participant’s capacity, make new friends, and increase social & community participation.

City to Country Care’s Day Program and Group Activities provide a great way to meet people, make friends with others who have similar interests to you, developing life skills and connect with your community.    
All activities and outings are based on common interests or needs and can be either individual or group.   Our programs are designed for you to achieve your goals and fulfill your interests and aspirations.  

City to Country Care focus on short- and long-term benefits for you, including: 

  • Community Participation: inclusion in a variety of leisure, sport/hobbies, and activities.
  • Building confidence and self-esteem by finding new talents, skills, and abilities that you have but may not realise you have
  • Building confidence and social skills – providing opportunities to meet new people and form new friendships. 
  • Capacity Building programs and opportunities to develop independence and real-life skills, including self-care, travel, cooking, shopping, literacy, numeracy, and computer skills.  
  • Health and well-being initiatives. 
  • Mainly and most importantly, is to have fun.

If you would like to join us, please give us a call.