Social and Community Participation

 Social and community participation  |  Social and recreation supports  |  Work and study supports.

What is the Aim? 

City to Country Care can support you to participate in community activities that you enjoy but you may not be able to participate in independently.  Our support workers will be able to assist you in joining group activities in the community and ensuring you get there and back home safely.  They can also provide you with company to do something you enjoy like going to the movies or out for lunch.   This service will help you towards achieving your goal of increasing your social and community participation and possibly form new relationships in your local community with like minded people.  

City to Country Care can assist you to access and participate in the community by guiding, mentoring, supporting and motivating you to be successful in achieving your goals and aspirations.  This could be by going to the local café to have a coffee, visiting local parks, art galleries, museums, going to the movies, bowling, to the beach, on a ferry ride and much more.  

Individual and/or Group Based Activities 

City to Country Care is committed to helping you with social supports as this will help you to maintain friendships and keep health and active.

City to Country Care hold a range of activities for people with disabilities from movies to lunches, visits to theatres, gardens, museums and day trips and annual events.  Whether you want to go in a group or just with a close friend or support worker, we are here to help you.  Getting out and about will help you learn new skills such as how to confidently use public transport, see new sights, make new friends and most of all do the things you love.